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SENBONO New 1.91" Women Smartwatch Bluetooth Call Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Tracker Sport Smart Watch Women Men for IOS Androird

SENBONO New 1.91" Women Smartwatch Bluetooth Call Heart Rate Blood Oxygen Tracker Sport Smart Watch Women Men for IOS Androird

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• Advanced Health Tracking :Monitor your health closely with the SENBONO Smart Watch, featuring a heart rate tracker and blood oxygen monitor, ensuring you stay fit and healthy.

• Bluetooth Call Functionality :Never miss a call again as the smartwatch supports Bluetooth calls, allowing you to stay connected even when your phone is not nearby.

• High Waterproof Rating :Designed for durability, the smartwatch boasts a life waterproof rating, making it suitable for various activities and weather conditions.

• Versatile Compatibility :This smartwatch is compatible with all devices, offering a seamless user experience for both iOS and Android users.

• Square Screen Shape :The square screen shape of the smartwatch provides a sleek and modern look, enhancing your style quotient.

• Long-lasting Battery :With a battery capacity of 220-300mah, this smartwatch ensures long-lasting performance, keeping you connected all day.


How to charge the watch?
1. Take out the charging cable in the product box;
2. Connect the charging cable to the watch;
3. Plug the charging cable into the power source;
4.Please charge the watch more than 3 hours first time.
Note: Please do not use a computer or laptop to charge the watch, because the voltage of the computer and laptop is too low, and it takes a very long time to charge the watch to have enough energy.

There is a protective film on the back of the watch to prevent friction, please tear it off before use.

1.After connecting, agree to all requests from APP:
2.Please keep the distance between the watch and the phone less than 10m. If the Bluetooth is disconnected, please rest the factory watch and reconnect.


Heart Rate Monitoring

(Note: This product is not a substitute for medical equipment)Interesting menu interaction Personalized quick slide

Interesting UI interactive design to meet diverse aesthetic needs, including arc list menu, Ferris wheel rotation menu,Mantianxing menu, and various cool menu styles, there is always one suitable for you; A personalized shortcut sliding menu has been customized, with multiple practical functions accessible at a touch

Blood oxygen is an important health indicator for the human body. When you are exercising vigorously, your watch can track and monitor your blood oxygen saturation, firmly controlling your own health and fatigue status.(Note: This product is not a substitute for medical equipment)


Q: Can I swim with the watch?

A: The watch is life-waterproof, It is not recommended to wear a watch to swim, bathe, etc.For it will affect the use of the watch.

Q: How to measure the blood pressure?

A: After you connect the phone to the app, Switch to blood pressure page on the watch, keep this page unchanged for about 10 seconds, blood pressure data will appear.

--Wearable devices monitors human activities through electronic sensors,and they are at the consumer electuonics level. It's normal for certain deviation.The user should treat data objectively.

--Please do not compared to hospital equipment about reading, it is NOT a medical device !

Q: How to change language?

A: Install the app, connect to the watch, the language itself will change to the one in the phone.

--Please contact us when you meet any problem with the watch, we will help you solve it as soon as possible. Thanks for your support.

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